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B. E. R. S. H. 


...your solar solution partner

Who We Are

The Solar House is an alternative energy solutions provider positioned to provide cost effective renewable energy solutions tailored to make you completely energy independent by utilizing a natural energy sources to power your home, office or city using a wide range of renewable energy products known as BERSH

Why Solar?

Solar is the future of energy and it is the way to go. Apart from it being clean and natural energy, it is a source of energy that cannot be exhausted or depleted.

The Sun is a powerful energy source whose resources have remained untapped for very long and for those who dared, it was a long, cumbersome and expensive venture. However, all that has changeed. Technology has been developed and inventions have emerged to make the possibility of harnessing the suns potentials for energy resources affordable, portable and usable.

How do I make the switch?

Switching to the Solar lifestyle is easy! With our BERSH range of products, its easy to find a tailor made solution suited to your energy needs.

  • Simple, affordable and portable solar energy generating appliances
  • Structured payments available
  • Pay as you go systems
  • Free maintenance for first six months of installation/ call-outs for technical support.
  • Highly skilled Monday to Saturday technical support
  • and much much more...

Call us today to get your home or business permanently powered.

Our office hours are:07:00am to 5:00pm Mondays Through Saturday. You may contact us after hours by email or by phone call to our customer hotline +234 814 600 5000.